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About Lillooet Naturalist Society



Geoff Playfair, President      Christine Galliazzo, Vice-President 

Kathy Laing, Treasurer      Vivian Birch-Jones, Secretary


Directors at Large:

       Colin Vidian-Jones / Simon Warhurst / Christina Timms,


2023 Membership Form (PDF)*

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Lillooet Naturalist Society
c/o P.O. Box 1065
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0

Membership Form
AGM Minutes

Land Acknowledgement

The Lillooet Naturalist Society (LNS) is based within the unceded territory of the St’at’imc Nation. We are grateful to the St’át’imc People, who have cared for the land while living here for countless generations and who hold Title, rights and ownership to their territorial lands and resources. The Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe, May 10, 1911 makes this clear: “We claim that we are the rightful owners of our tribal territory and everything pertaining thereto. We have always lived in our country; at no time have we ever deserted it or left it to others.
The St’at’imc relationship to the land is reflected in these words from the Xaxli’p community website: “... the land is part of who we are; the people and the land can not be separated.” The LNS believes we share this common value, as reflected in our Bylaws and our actions. We
encourage respect of the land, water and air, along with all the species that inhabit it.


The members of the LNS are on a learning journey; not simply in regard to nature, but also to understanding our Canadian history and our relationship with Indigenous people. We wish to contribute to progress on Indigenous issues and concerns. Positive steps should be celebrated - at the same time we must recognize we have a long, long way to go.

LNS also recognizes that, when we are out on the land in the Lillooet region, we may be in the overlapping territories of the Nlaka’pamux People, Secwe’pemc Nation and Tsilhqot’in Nations.

In all cases, we feel fortunate to live and spend time outdoors in this amazing place, a place that has been continuously occupied for thousands of years. The LNS is dedicated to learning about our natural world – to know nature and keep it worth knowing, for generations to come. We are just as dedicated to working in a good way and holding relationships based on respect and equality with our Indigenous neighbours.


Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
Draft St'at'imc Land Use Plan

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The name of the society is Lillooet Naturalist Society.

The purposes of the society are:

  • To promote the enjoyment and understanding of nature by our members and the public.

  • To encourage the establishment of protected natural areas, as represented in parks, ecological reserves, wilderness areas, wildlife management areas, wild and scenic rivers and other such protected areas. To defend the integrity of natural areas.

  • To promote and engage in the funding and research needed for protecting the integrity of all natural ecosystems.

  • To encourage and engage in the protection and restoration of threatened and endangered species, with special attention to the preservation of essential habitats.

Bylaws of Lillooet Naturalist Society

Updated, approved and filed January 2020

Annual General Meeting Minutes

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