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Mammals of Lillooet

Index of Mammals for the Lillooet Area by Order and Family


Order Insectivora: Insectivores

Family Soricidae: Shrews

Order Lagomorpha: Lagomorphs

Family Ochotonidae: Pikas
Family Leporidae: Hares and Rabbits

Order Rodentia: Rodents

Family Aplodontidae: Mountain Beavers
Family Sciuridae: Squirrels
Family Castoridae: Beavers
Family Muridae: Murids
Subfamily Arvicolinae: Voles and Lemmings
Subfamily Murinae: Old World Rats and Mice
Subfamily Sigmodontinae: New World Rats and Mice
Family Dipodidae: Jumping Mice and Jerboas
Family Erethizontidae: New World Porcupines

Order Carnivora: Carnivores

Family Canidae: Canids
Family Ursidae: Bears
Family Procyonidae: Procyonids
Family mustelidae: Mustelids
Family Felidae: Cats

Order Artiodactyla: Even-toed Ungulates

Family Cervidae: Cervids
Family Bovidae: Bovids

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