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Whitebark Pine Update (October 2022)
Can The Clark’s Nutcracker Help Its BFF, The Whitebark Pine, Recover From Disaster?

link to an interesting article and excellent video on Whitebark Pines. Though American content, the discussion and work shown reflects what is happening in Canada, with echoes of the nursery work being done by Splitrock and field work by Randy Moody as well as the Lillooet Naturalist Society..

Young Naturalists Hike 

April 2022 - Eight young naturalists and 6 older ones hiked to the local waterfall and played outdoor bingo and "Wonder Windows" where kids looked closely at something through small windows in cardstock and drew a picture of what they saw. Photos are in the Album.


Why I Enjoy Doing Beach Cleanups (Video) Photography, videography, editing: Yasmin Schepens

Camera trap monitoring to assess wildlife responses to environmental change in BC Parks Summary Progress Report for BC Parks, March 2021


September 27, 2020 - 

As part of Rivers Day today the Naturalists were out collecting garbage in the Seton corridor on our annual shoreline clean up. 

Photo below of us meeting at the restoration site and collecting up after our small group efforts (all keeping distanced and in our bubbles of course). 15 adults and 3 small children filled a truck in a couple of hours. Happy to report the amount of garbage overall down this year. Photo Credit: Kim North.

August 10, 2020 - News Release - Bats on the Move


August 6, 2020 - Background on Texas Creek FSR Road Closure from LNS Directors.


July 10, 2020 LNS is co-signer to letter to Prime Minister "Nature conservation should be central to Canada’s recovery from Covid-19



Lillooet Naturalist Society signs onto the Protected Places Declaration addressing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister Catherine McKenna (Environment and Climate Change Canada), to urge the government of Canada to protect at least 17 percent of lands and inland waters by 2020, for the reasons outlined in the Protected Places Declaration and in accordance with our commitments under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

2020 Shoreline Cleanup.JPG

Canadian Species At Risk News Bulletins


Potential amendment of Schedule 1, the List of Wildlife Species at Risk under Species at Risk Act (SARA) Public Registry - Consultation Letter.


Terrestrial Species – January 2019

.Five of the species included in this national consultation are found in British Columbia. These include:
Acuteleaf Small Limestone Moss

Smoker’s Lung Lichen

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Common Nighthawk

Peregrine Falcon anatum/tundrius

The Recovery Strategy for Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus), Northern Myotis (Myotis septentrionalis), and Tri-colored Bat (Perimyotis subflavus) in Canada is posted as final on the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Rafters Welcomed with Drum and Songs ( by Kim North for the BRLN August 29, 2018). The Rivershed Society of BC's Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP) group rafted into Lillooet in the late afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 18 and was welcomed by Lemy7a at the Bridge River Fishing Rocks, and by Christine Jack, drumming a welcome song, and the Lillooet Naturalist Society at the pull-out at Cayoosh Creek Campground.


Celebration of Scott and Judy Bodaly at the Legion May 26th.  Tear and laughs and lots of appreciation for these two amazing volunteers, who, after many years, are moving to Kimberly. Many speeches of praise and thanks for all their service from the Mayor and community organizations. A standing ovation. We will miss them! Picture 1  Picture 2


Final Report to BC Nature Foundation - Sturgeon Project, Lillooet Naturalist Society, December 15, 2017


Letter from LNS President to Jati Sidhu, MP, re: Fisheries Act, August 14, 2017


Hunter-Funded Wildlife Management 'Huge Step Backwards' Article, BC Desmog Canada


Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program Wild Bytes - News From Our Coastal Region May 2017


BC Nature AGM and conference at Lillooet, BC ‘Canyon to Alpine’ May 4 – 6, 2017
REPORT to BC Nature and Funders   

Summary of Evaluations including comments


Sea to Sky Western Screech Owl and Great Blue Heron Stewardship Projects


Information regarding inventory and stewardship projects for Western Screech Owl and Great Blue Heron that is being undertaken in the Sea to Sky corridor in the spring/summer of 2017. Greg Ferguson is looking for volunteers to assist with these projects for the benefit of these species.  

Western Screech Owl Project     Great Blue Heron Stewardship Project

President's Report to LNS Annual General Meeting January 29, 2017


BC Bat Action Team 2016-2020 Action Plan In Response to the Threat of White-nose Syndrome. BC Bat Action Plan: (Detailed PDF) (Sortable XLS Summary of Action


The Fisher Artificial Denbox Study 2015 Video


Bridge and Cheakamus Wolverine Inventory Report 2016 (PDF)

Nature's Voice - BC Nature's Periodical "E" News (PDF's) - November 2015    October 2015


BC Fishers Used To Repopulate Cascade Mountains with Endangered Animal - CBC November 30, 2015

Bridge River Fisher Project Presentation by Larry Davis, MSc., RPBio. 2015 (PDF)

Fisher (Pekania pennanti) Denbox Study Presentation by Larry Davis - (Full screen - press 'esc' key to exit)

P'egp'ig'lha Council Workshop on Wolverine
by Richard Weir and Fisher and Fisher Habitat Tool For Forestry Referrals Assessment

News Release - Off-road vehicle registration mandatory on Nov. 1, 2015 (PDF)
VICTORIA - Off-road vehicle registration and safety provisions are mandatory on Crown land
effective Nov. 1, 2015, following passage of regulations in support of the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Update from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program's Coastal Region March 2015 (including Bat-catcher: At-risk animals studied after rare capture)

Researchers net rare Spotted bats near Lillooet, By Matthew Robinson, Vancouver Sun, December 30, 2014

Peace for a Valley - Video by Peace Valley Environment Association


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