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Osprey Webcam

Click on the image below to update it (or "refresh" your browser). (Full-browser View) Note: If you are not able to view the image, right-click on the image and select "Open Image in a new tab". We are working on resolving this problem.

There are some still images of the Ospreys at the bottom of the page.

Osprey on Old Bridge Aug 2021
Osprey June 2016
Osprey on Wire 2016
Two Ospreys On Nest 2014
Returning with Stick 2014
Placing Stick 2014
Preparing Nest 2014
Flying away April 2014
Incubating Eggs May 2014
Fly Away May 2014
Osprey 2014
One on Nest 2014
Empty Nest 2014
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