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Nature in the Time of Physical Distancing

Bird Sightings


24 March 2020

Mountain Bluebirds


25 March 2020

Albino Robin, Texas Cr. Rd.

Bufflehead Ducks, Canal

Goldeneye Ducks, Canal

26 March 2020

20 Trumpeter Swans, Jones' pond

27 March 2020

100 Gray-crowned Rosy-finches, Lions Trail

31 March 2020

Violet-green Swallows, Lower Spawning Channel

07 April 2020

Turkey Vulture, East Lillooet

08 April 2020

Osprey, Naxwit

Golden Eagle, Naxwit

Merganser Duck, Nawxit

13 April 2020

Say's Phoebe, Texas Creek

14 April 2020

Varied thrush and robins, Pinegrove St.

20 April 2020

Screech Owl sound, Pinegrove St.

26 April 2020

Wood Ducks, Seton Spawning Channel

21 May 2020

Birds out of the ordinary at Riley Creek lately have included more calliope humming birds than usual, Cassin finches ruby crowned kinglets, western tanagers and lazuli buntings. Also a single and unphotographed sighting of a black-throated grey warbler.

Other Sightings


06 April 2020

Mourning cloak butterfly,   East Lillooet

Marmot at the Old Bridge

10 April 2020

Two mountain goats having a dust bath, Naxwit.

Six mountain sheep, Seton Lake.  

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